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Various convenient facilities are in place for you.

Restaurant the RISE

Restaurant The RISE serves breakfast buffet to the guests, and is also open for coffee and business meetings during the daytime.

Location : 1st floor
Open Hours : am 10:00 ~ pm 9:00

(After the breakfast is over, registered guests can use the space for business meetings and gatherings.)
Seatings : Maximum 94 seating available

Business Meeting Room the MEET

The Meet is a exclusive meeting room for small conference

Location : 3F
Open Hours : 24hours
Maximum capacity : 14
Service : Internet connection, Beam projector, Whiteboard, coffee and tea

Fitness Center the WORK

The Work is a fitness center for our guests in daily need for exercise.

Location : 3F
Open Hours : am 06:00 ~ pm 22:00

* To better serve our guests and avoid possible accidents, we prohibit guests under 15 year old to use the facility.

Self Kitchen & Laundry Room

Location : 1F
Open Hours : 24hours
Service : Microwave, Electric Stove, Kitchen gadgets, basic spices, coin laundry & dry machines, detergent vending machine.